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The BCDPC works to provide an array of information to the public in the forms of:

  • Newsletters quarterly on social media platforms and the Boone County Shopper

  • Rack cards that inform the public of a quick snapshot of who we are and what we do

  • Magnets and information sheets that provide information on drug disposal sites

  • Links to resources regarding substance abuse and ATOD prevention

  • Handouts on ATOD, coalition updates, new trends, important dates and events related to substance abuse and misuse or behavioral health during health fairs, parent or community events, seminars, workshops, classroom talks, etc.

  • Policy changes to inform businesses and community members/schools 

  • Media communication campaigns through our partnership with WTVO/Fox 39 to  provide messages to the region on substance abuse and mental health topics


The BCDPC provides support to our community, not just by attending events and providing help on their initiatives but also by working with other local taskforces and groups to ensure we are providing more help to our community with our resources and networking abilities. 

The BCDPC sits on the Behavioral Health Task Force in Boone County to aid in efforts for the opioid crisis. We provide support by assisting with communications and resources to provide valuable information to the community, attend meetings and events hosted by this group, and assist with grant writing that can benefit both of our missions. 


Our youth are such an important part of our mission and vision to have a healthier community in Boone County. We work with youth to provide positive outlets for them and provide opportunities for leadership within their schools and community by inviting them to join our Youth Leadership Council (YLC). 

The YLC is comprised of youth ages 16-18 who come together to aid in coalition efforts as well as lead their own to help model leadership and positive drug free lifestyles for their peers. Their goals are to help create a safer and drug free environment to help keep youth of all ages on a positive path to a brighter future. Our youth are currently working on developing new programming in the schools so students may have more leadership opportunities and positive outlets that may also go hand in hand with other extra curriculars they may participate in.


IThe BCDPC strive to enhance policies at the local level and institutational level throughout the community to help address needs to reduce negative behaviors or increase positive outcomes in Boone County. 

Currently the BCDPC has successfully implemented one policy in 2019 which amended the smoking ordinance19-27  to include vaping indoors in our community. The new changes can be found here: 

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